• Important Tax Credit Deadlines

    Important Tax Credit Deadlines

    Homeowners Property Tax Credit – September 1

    Renters Tax Credit – September 1

    Student Loan Tax Credit – September 15

    ​Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Program

    For homeowners with a combined gross household income of $60,000 or less, this program allows credits against the homeowners’ property tax bill, but the taxes must exceed a fixed percentage of a person’s gross income. It sets a limit on the amount of property taxes a homeowner must pay, based on income. Income is defined as the gross income before any deductions are taken. Nontaxable retirement benefits such as Social Security and Railroad Retirement must be reported as income. You must apply every year no later than September on a standard application supplied by the Department of Assessments and Taxation. Example: If your combined household income is $16,000, your tax limit is $420. You would be entitled to receive a credit for any taxes above the $420. You would be entitled to receive a credit for any taxes above the $420. If your actual property tax bill is $990, you would receive a tax credit in the amount of $570, the difference between the actual tax bill and the tax limit.

    Apply here: http://dat.maryland.gov/realproperty/Pages/Homeowners’-Property-Tax-Credit-Program.aspx

    Maryland Renters’ Tax Credit Program

    The State of Maryland Renters’ Tax Credit Program provides Property Tax credits for renters who are (i) age 60 and older, (ii) 100% disabled, or (iii) have dependents under 18 and meet certain income requirements. Under HB-340, passed by the Prince George’s County Delegation and the Maryland General Assembly in the 2016 Legislative Session, renters can receive maximum tax relief up to $1,000. This legislation also expands the statewide Renters Tax Credit program and increases the pool of eligible applicants. To get a credit, you must file by September 1st. Contact the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation at 1-800-944-7403 or visit: http://dat.maryland.gov/realproperty/Pages/Renters’-Tax-Credits.aspx

    Student Loan Tax Credit

    Who is eligible to receive the Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit?

    The tax credit will be available to Maryland taxpayers who:

    1. File Maryland State Income Taxes for the tax year;
    2. Have incurred at least $20,000 undergraduate and/or graduate student loan debt;
    3. Have at least $5,000 in outstanding student loan debt remaining when applying for the tax credit;
    4. Have completed and submitted an application to the Maryland Higher Education Commission by September 15, 2018; and
    5. Have submitted all required graduate and/or undergraduate student loan information, including Maryland Income Tax Information and college transcripts.

    How to Apply for the Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit

    To download the application, ​or Maryland Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit Application 2018.pdf

    If you have questions, please view the Frequently Asked Questions 2018.pdf for more information.

  • New Maryland Laws Effective July 1

    Minimum Wage

    Minimum wage will increase from $9.25 to $10.10

    Pink hunting gear

    “Daylight fluorescent pink” is now a color authorized for outwear worn by hunters hunting during the day.

    Child sexual abuse training

    Teachers will now receive annual training on recognizing child sexual abuse and to learn how to report it. A phone number to report will be clearly posted in schools.

    Consent training

    This law requires a county board of education to devise age-appropriate guidelines on introducing the meaning of consent and boundaries as part of the Family Life and Human Sexuality curriculum.

    Teachers’ income tax modification

    Teachers who spend up to $250 on stocking their classrooms without reimbursement are eligible for an income tax subtraction modification. The supplies must be used in the classroom or used a preparation for the school year.

    Sunscreen in schools

    Students will no longer need a note of permission to bring sunblock to school.

  • Election Results

    Dear Friends:

    I want to let everyone know that I was not successful in my re-election campaign. I came in third place and the top two candidates (Diana Fennell and Julian Ivey) were nominated as the Democratic candidates for Delegate for District 47A. Since no Republicans are running for Delegate they will be your new delegates starting in January 2019.

    Thank you for all the support you’ve given me throughout this campaign and during my term as your Delegate. It has been my great pleasure having District 47A as my community, getting to know so many people throughout, listening to your concerns, helping you solve problems locally, and representing you in Annapolis.

    I am sure Diana Fennell, Julian Ivey, and Malcolm Augustine will do a good job as your state legislators. We agree on 95% of the issues. I hope you will all continue to be involved and keep them informed about your concerns.

    I will continue to be your state delegate through 2018. If you have any concerns or issues you want me to know about, please let me know.

    As disappointing as this loss is, it is one small loss in the midst of enormous struggles. Right now, facing the damage wrought daily by the administration in Washington and all its enablers, we have our work cut out for us. My wife and I will take time out to join with friends and family and celebrate the marriage of our daughter.

    But then I plan on spending my time over the next 5 months focusing on the fall elections and look forward to working together in those efforts.


    Election Results In the Democratic Primary

    Governor Ben Jealous
    Comptroller Peter Franchot
    Attorney General Brian Frosh
    US Senator Ben Cardin
    US Congress Anthony Brown
    State Senator Malcolm Augustine
    State Delegates (D 47A) Diana Fennell
    Julian ivey
    County Executive Angela Alsobrooks
    State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy
    Clerk of the Court Mahasin El Amin
    Register of Wills Cereta Lee
    Sheriff Melvin High
    County Council District 2 Deni Taveras
    County Council District 5 Jolene Ivey
    County Council District 3 Danielle Glaros
    County Council At-large Mel Franklin
    Calvin Hawkins
    School Board District 3 Pamela Boozer-Strother
    Juwan Blocker