Invitation To My Holiday Celebration – Nov 29 2017


My Holiday Dinner Celebration

Wednesday, November 29

6 to 8 PM

Please join me and

Congressman Anthony Brown

Appropriations Committee Chair Maggie McIntosh

Senator Victor Ramirez

Delegates Diana Fennell and Carlo Sanchez

Three Brothers Italian Restaurant
4521 Kenilworth Ave.   Bladensburg, MD
Tell me about your concerns
Hear about my plans for next year’s session
Meet Your Neighbors in the 47th District

$5 for District 47 residents
$100 Sponsor – $50 Supporter – $25 Friend

[Diana Fennell and I are running for re-election.  If you are satisfied with the kind of representation that we’ve demonstrated, please give us your support.]

Checks can be made out to:
Friends of Jimmy Tarlau, 4213 34th Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 or by going to the web-site:

Maryland Should Separate Itself from the Republican

Tax Package

What is happening in Washington will have a tremendous impact on Maryland.  The Trump tax package now being debated  in Congress will give multi-millionaires a huge tax credit, nothing for people in our community and an increased Federal deficit for which our children and grandchildren will have to make up.  There is at least one thing that we in Maryland can do to separate ourselves from the Federal Tax Package.  We need to de-couple from the Federal Estate Tax Changes.

Currently, $5 million of an estate is exempt from the Federal Estate Tax ($4 million is exempt from Maryland estate tax). What that means is that the first $4 million of an estate is tax free.  The Republican proposal now being discussed in Congress would raise the exemption level to $11 million and then eliminate the estate tax altogether.  Unfortunately, legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 2014 tied the state’s estate tax to the Federal Estate Tax.

Because the Maryland Estate Tax is tied to the Federal Estate Tax Emption, the proposal in Congress would cost the state over $100 million in tax revenues (from those who are most able to afford to pay!

I plan to introduce legislation that would de-couple Maryland’s Estate Tax from the Federal Estate Tax.   We cannot afford the revenue loss, which will result from the increase in the estate exemption to $11 million.  We are going to need money for schools, for mass transit, and for tax relief for seniors.  We don’t need to give a tax break to the few people who have huge estates. We have to do everything possible in Maryland to protect our residents from the disastrous impact of the Republican tax package.

Grant for Colmar Manor
At a recent Board of Public Works meeting, the Board approved a request from the Department of Natural Resources to commit $97,347 in funding from the Community Parks and Playgrounds Program for a “development” project in Colmar Manor.  Specifically, these funds will be used to replace outdated playground equipment with new equipment appropriate for children ages 5-12 years old on the playground area of Newton Street.
Hogan’s Executive Order on Boycotts Violated theFirst Amendment

Governor Hogan took a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook by attempting to stifle free speech in our country. Whether it’s protests against racial inequality or against Israel’s policies in its occupied territories, people have a right to kneel, picket and boycott and should not be retaliated against for exercising that right. Senator Paul Pinsky and I wrote an op-ed piece in the Oct 26th Baltimore Sun on Hogan’s Executive Order.

Good News for Pedestrian and Bicycle Commuters

to West Hyattsville Metro Station

There will be two new construction projects on Queens Chapel Road and Ager Road by both the State and the County.In recent meetings, I learned about two positive developments;

1) There will be a pedestrian activated signal on the crosswalk of the NW West Trail and Queens Chapel Road.  Everybody who has walked or biked across the road and those who drive up and down the QC road know how dangerous that crosswalk is.  It won’t be done though until the Queens Chapel Road project is being constructed which won’t be until next year or the year after. (State project)

2) Jamestown Road (which goes from Queens Chapel to the Metro Station) will finally have some sidewalks!! Walking on the street has always been unpleasant and unsafe. (County project)
Hopefully both improvements will make it easier to get to the metro.

There will be a Community Meeting to get a status update from the State Highway Administration on the Queens Chapel Road project on December 12, 2017, at Thomas S. Stone Elementary School, 4500 34th St.  Mount Rainier.  The meeting will start at 6 PM.

Progress On Removing Double Poles
Double Poles?  Do you remember them. Double poles exist when the utility company puts in a new pole and doesn’t take out the old one.   I’ve been campaigning to get the utility companies to remove their extra poles since I became a State Delegate. Well, some good news. The number of double poles in Maryland has gone down from 36,394 (even though they said it wasn’t a problem) to 15,383 – a 57% decrease. That’s progress. All we want them to do is transfer the wires from the old poles to the new poles and take the old pole away in an expeditious manner. We’ll keep on pushing them to do what they’re supposed to do.  If you see a double pole that has not been removed or some loose wires that are hanging down, please email me at or call me at 301-335-6099 and I will notify the utility companies and have them address the situation.