The New York Times recently reported that Maryland led the nation in the percentage decrease of teachers per student over the last 5 years. The report stated that we would need 20,000 school employees just to have the same student-teacher ratio we had in 2008. We need another $1 billion to hire and train education employees in order to have the quality educational programs our children deserve.

It is important for us to go beyond the Thornton Plan when it comes to state aid for education to give our students the necessary resources to succeed as the cost of education continues to rise. I will support mandating the Geographic Cost of Education Index as a part of the state aid for education formula.


Through the Communication Workers of America, I have helped to build a blue-green alliance where union members and environmentalists can understand each other’s concerns. It is important to work together so that the labor movement is a full partner in protecting our environment.  As a City Council member in Mount Rainier, I have worked with our Green Team and our environmental plan to make our city a green city. We have been active in the promotion of LEED standards for commercial development, improving infrastructure to mitigate storm water run-off, instituting single-stream curbside recycling, and supporting our regional Bike Co-op.

My environmental priorities include: Storm Water retention, Promotion of clean energy job projects, Promotion of public transportation, Cumulate Impact on industrial centers

Job Retention/Creation

I will fight to ensure large corporations pay their employees a living wage of $15 per hour and provide adequate paid sick leave to allow workers to take better care of their families.

Tax Reform

One of the key issues for Maryland is creating a way to get more revenue to move the state forward. Establishing a millionaire’s tax would generate over $100 million in additional revenue from top earners and would provide tax relief to senior citizens living on fixed incomes. We need to change our tax code to get rid of tax loopholes for companies. Combined reporting would make companies headquartered in other states pay their full share of taxes on the revenue generated in Maryland.

Campaign Election Reform

Legislation must be passed that would let anyone with an interest in public service run for office. Programs that enable candidates who raise funds from small contributors multiply that impact and prohibit large special interest groups from spending big money on candidates.

Public Employee Labor Law Reform

Maryland should have one law which governs all jurisdictions for public employees wanting to join a union. Today, each municipality has the authority to allow employees to join a union and bargain collectively, or not. This should not be left to each jurisdiction.

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